Hafez Language Institute

Location: Iran, Mashhad

Updated Tuesday 10 Aug 2004

Hafez Language Institute
Mashhad, Iran

Hafez Language Institute offers courses for all levels of language profeciency and all age groups. The institute uses up-to-date text-books and professional teachers holding MA or BA in TEFL. The Institute is directed by Mr. Shahbazi (MA) in English Literature and Supervised by Dr. Motallebzadeh (PhD) in TEFL. The institute is officially recognized by British Council as an off-site IELTS test center since April 2004. Join us now !

Contact Information:
Dr. Khalil Motallebzadeh
No. 300, Ahmadabad Ave.
Mashhad 91797

Tel: +98 (511) 8421703
Fax: +98 (511) 8402746
Email: hafez_supervisor@yahoo.com
WWW: Visit web site

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